[PDF]Primary teacher suspended list district wise,WBBPE has ordered to cancel the appointment of 94 teachers!


Primary teacher suspended list district wise- 94 teachers lost their jobs. Among them 89 list are publicly available.The Board of Primary Education itself canceled the appointment letter given by them. And all under the order of Calcutta High Court. Those teachers did not have any Primary Teacher Recruitment Test (TET) qualified documents. Because of that, the board ordered the primary education to cancel the appointment of those 94 teachers on Saturday.

The Board of Primary Education summoned 96 primary teachers for document verification on the instructions of the High Court. After verifying the documents of those teachers and giving a report to the High Court, the board said that initially 94 people were illegally appointed as teachers. They admit that there have been “irregularities” in the recruitment. According to the board, after examining the documents, it is known that those 94 teachers got jobs without passing the TET. According to the High Court’s order, the board should take quick action to cancel their appointment.

This time, the primary education board itself canceled the job in the middle of the recruitment corruption investigation. This time, the Board of Primary Education canceled the jobs of the teachers appointed during the tenure of former president Manik Bhattacharya. The primary education board canceled the jobs of 94 teachers. The DPSC chairmen of different districts were informed by letter yesterday night about the cancellation of the jobs of these teachers who were appointed in 2014 and 2016. An investigation into corruption in primary teacher recruitment revealed that these teachers were teaching without TET.

Primary teacher suspended list district wise
Primary teacher suspended list district wise

Primary teacher suspended list district wise

  Name Address(District only)
1Piyali KarMurshidabad,Pin-742102.
2Sanju Ghosh24 Parganas ( North),Pin- 743245.
3Hasan BiswasMurshidabad, Pin-742223.
North 24 Parganas,Kolkata- 700077.
5Sudipta MaityPurba Medinipur, Pin- 721139.
6Jayita Bhowmik
Purba Medinipur, Pin- 721649.
24 Parganas (N), Kolkata- 700123.
8Snehasis Maji Medinipur, Pin-721139.
9Sahanaj Khatun Murshidabad, Pin- 742202.
10Momotaj KhatunMurshidabad, Pin- 742201.
11Jahurul HoqueMurshidabad, Pin- 742159.
12Mithun MondalMurshidabad, Pin- 742305.
13Wahadul IslamMurshidabad, Pin- 742303.
14Pradip GhoshMurshidabad, Pin- 742301.
15Mitali MallickMurshidabad, Pin- 742305.
Murshidabad, Pin- 742159.
17Monjura ParvinMurshidabad, Pin- 742168.
Primary teacher suspended list district wise
18 Hero MallickMurshidabad, Pin- 742189. 
19 Sudip PramanikMurshidabad, Pin- 742305. 
20 Priyanka AktarMurshidabad, Pin- 742305. 
21 Kabirul Islam
Murshidabad, Pin- 742136. 
22 Totan Das Murshidabad, Pin- 742137. 
23 Md. Jahir AbbasMurshidabad, Pin- 742121. 
24 Md. Mojibor
Murshidabad, Pin- 742226. 
25 Jeshmine
Murshidabad, Pin- 742184. 
26 Semima Khatun Murshidabad, Pin- 742184. 
27 Manjila ParvinMurshidabad, Pin- 742137. 
28 Kusum Banu Murshidabad, Pin- 742305. 
29 Tilottama DeyPurulia, Pin- 723129. 
30 Palas KarmakarPurulia, Pin- 723128. 
31 Sagarika PathakPurulia, Pin- 723143. 
32 Samarendra
Nath Dan
Purulia, Pin- 723128. 
33 Shyamal GorainPurulia, Pin- 723128. 
34 Bidyut
Purulia, Pin- 723155. 
35 Manoj Kumar
24 Parganas North, Pin- 743235. 
36 Nilufar Yeasmin24 Parganas North, Pin- 743221. 
37 Barnali Banik24 Parganas North, Pin- 743235. 
Primary teacher suspended list district wise
38 Monidipa
Purba Medinipur, Pin- 721634. 
39 Sumana
Birbhum, Pin- 731220. 
40 Utpal GhoshBirbhum, Pin- 731201. 
41 Subhomay
Birbhum, Pin- 731219. 
42 Ullas ChandraBirbhum, Pin- 731125. 
43 Gautam
Purulia, Pin-723143. 
44 Debjany MondalBirbhum, Pin- 731202. 
45 Sarmistha PalBankura, Pin- 722154. 
46 Antara GhoshBirbhum,Pin- 731201. 
47 Chameli DasBirbhum,Suri, Pin- 731102. 
48 Prativa SenBirbhum, Pin- 731201. 
49 Sampa MishraBirbhum, Pin- 731236. 
50 Sumana GhoshBirbhum, Pin- 731204. 
51 Manashi BakshiBirbhum, Pin-731101. 
52 Santanu DanBirbhum, Pin- 731101. 
53 Dipak MondalBirbhum ,Pin-731123 
54 Nandan
Purba Medinipur, Pin-721401. 
55 Nakul Ch. SahaMurshidabad, Pin-742184 
56 Ahammoda
Murshidabad, Pin -731219 
57 Syeda Siddika
Murshidabad, Pin-742159 
Primary teacher suspended list district wise
58Kartick MandalMurshidabad, Pin-742136 
59Ramjan Ahamed Coochbehar, Pin-736168 
60Reksona ParvinCoochbehar, Pin-736134 
61Amit Kumar
Coochbehar, Pin-736135 
62Pintu DasCoochbehar, Pin-736156 
63Jesmin ParvinCoochbehar,Pin -736134 
64Mousumi RayCoochbehar, Pin-736135 
65Anup Kumar
Coochbehar, Pin-736135 
66 Coochbehar, Pin-736167 
67Bibhash Sarkar Coochbehar,Pin-736159 
68Nimai BarmanCoochbehar, Pin-736169. 
69Bhaskar RoyCoochbehar,Pin-736133 
70Bhaskar SarkarCoochbehar, Pin-736176 
71Masidul AlamCoochbehar,Pin-736158 
72Prosanta RoyCoochbehar, Pin-736133 
73Arnab KarmakarCoochbehar, Pin-736101 
74Rajesh BhadraCoochbehar, Pin -736135 
75Papai Mandal Coochbehar, Pin-736157 
76Siraj HossainCoochbehar, Pin-736135 
77Anil AdhikaryCoochbehar, Pin-736146 
Primary teacher suspended list district wise
78Dalower HossenCoochbehar, Pin -736168 
79Md. Abbachh
Coochbehar, Pin-736159 
80Goutam BarmanCoochbehar, Pin -736157 
81Rahul AlamCoochbehar, Pin-736172 
82Pinki KhatunCoochbehar, Pin-736167 
83Jiconur Islam Alipurduar, Pin-735211 
84Pintu Sen Coochbehar, Pin-736134 
85Ashok Kumar
Coochbehar, Pin-736134 
86Pronab Chandra
Coochbehar, Pin-736134 
87Shemim MiahCoochbehar, Pin-736134 
88Pankaj SarkarCoochbehar, Pin- 736168 
89Moni JhaKolkata -700105 
Primary teacher suspended list district wise

Primary teacher suspended list district wise- To see full list with name,father name,full adrres of teachers rejection list click here-find in 222 serial .


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