[Download PDF] Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024


Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024- Next year many holidays are lost, Durga Puja is ‘sad’, but there will be extra happiness, says Nabanna’s list Next year five holidays will fall on Sunday. State government employees will get several additional holidays. That list is not short at all. There are arrangements to forget the sadness of the Durga Puja holiday.

Next year 45 days holiday in the state. Government employees of this state will get sixteen consecutive days off for Puja next year if Saturday-Sunday falls. In other words, Puja holiday will be extended by four days next year. This year it was 12 days. 16 days next year. The 2024 holiday list for state government employees was released by the finance department on Friday. It is seen there, the holiday of Durgo Puja starts from Chaturthi.

That is, from Monday 7 October. Before that on October 5 and 6 Saturday-Sunday. Therefore, the Puja holiday of the workers is starting from the second. The office will open on October 21 after Lakshmi Puja. However, the list has been given leave till October 18.

Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024
Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024

Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024

Birth Day of Swami Vivekananda12th January, Friday
Netaji’s Birth Day23rd January, Tuesday
Republic Day26th January, Friday
Saraswati Puja [Sree Panchami]14th February, Wednesday
Doljatra25th March, Monday
Good Friday29th March, Friday
Eid-Ul-Fitr11th April, Thursday
May Day1st May, Wednesday
Birth Day of Rabindranath Tagore8th  May, Wednesday
Buddha Purnima23rd May, Thursday
Id-Ud-Zoha (Bakrid)17th June, Monday
Muharram17th July, Wednesday
Independence Day15th August, Thursday
Birth Day of Gandhiji2nd October, Wednesday
Mahalaya2nd October, Wednesday
Durga Puja, Maha Saptami10th October, Thursday
Durga Puja, Maha Astami and Maha Nabami11th October, Friday
(**) Durga Puja, Dasami12th October, Saturday
Lakshmi Puja16th October, Wednesday
Kali Puja31st October, Thursday
Birth Day of Guru Nanak15th November, Friday
Christmas Day25th December, Wednesday
Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024
New Year’s Day1st January, Monday
Day before Saraswati Puja13th February, Tuesday
Shab-e-Barat26th February, Monday
Shivaratri8th March, Friday
Day after Doljatra26th March, Tuesday
(**)Birth Day of Shri Shri Harichand Thakur(Madhu Krishna Troyodashi Tithi)6th April, Saturday
Day before Eid-Ul-Fitr10th April, Wednesday
(**)Birth Day of Poet Bhanu Bhakt for Darjeeling & Kalimpong District only13th July, Saturday
Rakhi Bandhan19th August, Monday
Janmastami26th August, Monday
Fateha-Dwaz-Daham16th September, Monday
Durga Puja, Maha Chaturthi7th October, Monday
Durga Puja, Maha Panchami8th October, Tuesday
Durga Puja, Maha Shashthi9th October,Wednesday
Additional Day for Durga Puja14th October, Monday
Additional Day for Durga Puja15th October, Tuesday
Additional Day for Lakshmi Puja17th October, Thursday
Additional Day for Lakshmi Puja18th October, Friday
Additional Day for Kali Puja1st November, Friday
Day after Bhratridwitiya4th November, Monday
Chhat Puja7th November, Thursday
Additional Day for Chhat Puja8th November, Friday
Karam PujaTo be notified later on
Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024
(**)Birthday of Guru Rabidas(for the followers of24th February, Saturday
Guru Rabidas) 
(**)Easter Saturday30th March (Saturday) [for Christians only]
Holiday List for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024

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The workers are getting continuous leave from teaching on Friday, October 18. In other words, although the Puja holiday is officially 12 days, the total number of holidays from Saturday to Sunday is 16 days. Next year, the day after Kalipuja, November 1 will be a holiday. Fraternity fell on Sunday, November 3. The next day is November 4 holiday. Chhat Pujo on November 7. The next day, November 8, will also be a holiday.

According to the list, there will be 22 days of holidays in 2024 under the NI Act. 23 days of state government. That means a total of 45 days off in a year. State government offices, government aided schools, colleges, universities, municipalities, panchayats will grant holidays as per this list. Only in Kolkata the Collector’s office and the Registrar’s office will not have holidays according to this list.

This list also does not apply to offices that provide emergency services. Meanwhile, the leave has mixed reactions among government workers. Firstly, this time the puja has shrunk as Ashtami and Navami are celebrated on the same day. Moreover, Mahalaya has passed the holiday on October 2 as it falls on Gandhi Jayanti. According to calculations, twenty-four five holidays fall on Sunday. Paola Baisakh, Ambedkar’s birthday, Mahavir Jayanti Rath Yatra, Vaiphonta. 3 days have passed on Saturday.

There will be a holiday on February 13, the day before Saraswati Puja. Panchanan Varma’s birthday holiday falls on February 14, Saraswati Puja. February 26 is an all-night holiday. March 8 Shivratri holiday. State government employees will get a holiday on March 26, the day after Dol. Holiday on the occasion of Harichand Tagore’s birthday on April 6.

But that day is Saturday. The day before Eid-ul-Fitr on April 10 will also be a holiday. On the occasion of Kavi Bhanu Bhakta’s birthday, July 13 will be a holiday in Darjeeling, Kalimpong district. Rath Yatra, 19th August Rakhi, 26th August Janmashtami, 16th September is a holiday in Fateh Doaz. Government employees will get additional leave from Chaturthi to Shasthi (October 7-9) and October 14 and 15 after Dasami on the occasion of Durga Puja.

After Lakshmi Puja, they will get two days off on October 17 and 18. Next year, the day after Kalipuja, November 1 will be a holiday. Fraternity fell on Sunday, November 3. The next day, November 4, will be a holiday for state government employees. Chhat Puja will be celebrated on November 7 and the next day on November 8 will also be a holiday.

The office will be closed on the occasion of Karam Puja. The date will be announced later.Apart from this, his devotees will get a holiday on the occasion of Guru Rabidas’ birthday on 24th February. Christians will get a holiday on Easter Saturday, March 30. April 14 New Year, BR Ambedkar Jayanti, April 21 Mahavir Jayanti, July 7 Rath Yatra, November 3 Fraternity falls on Sunday.


  1. Amazing list of holidays for West Bengal Government Employees in 2024! 📅 It’s great to see such a comprehensive coverage of diverse festivals and important dates. 🎉 From Swami Vivekananda’s Birthday to Durga Puja and Kali Puja, this list beautifully encapsulates the rich cultural heritage of West Bengal. 🌟 It’s also thoughtful to include additional days off for major festivals. This will definitely help in planning vacations and celebrating traditions with family! Thanks for sharing. #WestBengalHolidays2024 #CulturalCelebrations 🎊🌈


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