Revision of pension / family pension of Pre‐01.01.2016 Pensioners / Family
Pensioners–Implementation of the Government decision on the
recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission.

“Existing pension” means the basic pension inclusive of commuted portion,

The pension / family pension of existing pre‐2016 pensioners / family pensioners will be revised
notionally by multiplying the existing basic pension / basic family pension as on 31.12.2015 by 2.57.
The amount of revised pension / family pension so arrived at shall be rounded off to next 10 (ten)
rupees, if the said amount is not a multiple of Rs.10 (ten). However, if the revised basic Pension is
below Rs. 8500/, it will be fixed at minimum of Rs. 8500/‐.



***if some thing found wrong please inform us***

disclaimer:– this calculation are not 100 % correct(so please inform us more improve it ) 


  1. ma r 1.1.16 te basic 34150 6ilo grade pay 4700… 2018 r 31th march retired kore6e… akhon pension 31889 pay… 1.1.2020 te koto pension nd gratuity nd commute korle 40% koto taka pabe..1 time koto taka pabe gratuity nd commute korle mot… r na korle commute pension koto pabe

  2. In March 2022 I will retire from my service and at that time my basic pension will be Rs. 28510/- . My grade pay is Rs.4800/-.

  3. 31/7/2018 আমি অবসর নিয়েছি। রোপা 2019 অনুযায়ি 40%কমুট করলে 2020 কত পেনশন পাবো।

  4. 2018 31 july আমি অবসর নিয়েছি। ঐসময় পেনশন বেসিক ছিলো 8450 টাকা 2019 রোপা অনুযায়ি 1/1/2020পেনশন কত হবে

  5. Ami 31.3.20 te retire korechhi.amar oi somoy Basic chhilo Rs.68,500.00 jokhon 6 month age service book
    giyechhilo tokhon Basic PLUS Grade pay chhilo Rs.25,900.00 ami 40% commute korechhilam.
    Ekhon pension kato hobe keu bolte parben.

  6. DoB is – 12/09/1956,
    DoA is – 01/08/1985,
    DoR is – 30/09/2016,
    Desig – H/T,
    B.P. on 01/01/2016 Rs. 18020,
    B. P. on 30/09/2016 Rs 18560,
    How many rupees I shall get in revised pension ?
    My PPO no. is PRI/S/DJL/U/00128/2016,


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