Upper primary final vacancy list


Latest news and updates are coming about upper primary tentative and final vacancy list.

School service commission has published 3 notification in commission website www.westbengalssc.com ,about final and tentative vacancy in upper primary level except work and physical education.

Below image are provide about final and tentative vacancy list. always visit school service commission official websites www.westbengalssc.com , for more information.

Click here to visit school service commission official website

screenshot 20191111 1943348077216188529950984

screenshot 20191111 1944025572131431242367084

screenshot 20191111 1944133025161650150118369

screenshot 20191111 1944264570764839397280916

screenshot 20191111 1944369206035118068748292

screenshot 20191111 1944475786445310869684686

screenshot 20191111 1945025710378258796191399

screenshot 20191111 1945151519009461769991784

screenshot 20191111 194530747215358649948015

screenshot 20191111 1946138385546564247465018

To know more upper primary news click here

Click here to visit school service commission official website


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