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WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification:Application Notification for Forest Assistant Pursuant to the order dated 03.05.23 of Hon’ble Calcutta High Court, the Forest Department, Government of West Bengal intends to appoint qualified persons as Forest Assistants in each district from among the permanent residents of West Bengal on purely temporary basis. Detailed information about job conditions, application process, other relevant information and application form can be seen on the Forest Department website. From below dorect link you can downliad “WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification”.

The last date of submission of application will be 7 working days from the date of publication of this notification published in the newspaper and applications will be accepted up to 5:30 PM on that day. Today WB Forest Department has finally published WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification. Here you also finads detils about “What is Bana Sahayak salary 2023”

WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification

Government of West Bengal, vide Notification (WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification) No. 828-For/FR/O/N/18R-02/2018 dated 22.07.2020, has created 2000 posts in a new category called “Bana Sahayaks”, on a purely contractual basis. It is now proposed to engage personnel in compliance with the order of Hon’ble High Court at Calcutta dated 03.05.2023 (WPA No.8506 of 2021) as follows in WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification:

What is Bana Sahayak salary 2023
What is Bana Sahayak salary 2023
  1. Conditions of service
    a. Nature:The post is purely temporary and contractual.The incumbent will not have any claim to any service benefits provided to permanent employees of Government of West Bengal.
    b. Tenure:The engagement shall be for one year initially.The incumbent may be continued to be engaged on annual basis on recommendation of the Head of Office where engaged.
    c. Remuneration:Rs.10000 (rupees ten thousand only) per month.
    d. Postings:While the candidates engaged can be asked to work anywhere in the state,the selected candidates are likely to be ordinarily posted in the same District as their place of residence, or in nearby districts within the same Administrative Divisions.For this purpose districts are organised under Administrative Divisions as follows:
Presidency DivisionMedinipur DivisionBurdwan DivisionMalda DivisionJalpaiguri Division
HowrahBankuraBirbhumDakhsin DinajpurAlipurduar
NadiaJhargramPaschim BardhamanMaldaCooch Behar
North 24
Paschim MedinipurPurba BardhamanMurshidabadDarjeeling
South 24 ParganasPurba MedinipurHooglyUttar DinajpurJalpaiguri
KolkataPurulia  Kalimpong
WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification

However,the candidates (WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification)must be prepared or working anywhere in the State in in the exigency of work requirement.

e. Termination:Engagement i lkely to e terminated on gounds o of indiscipline,moral turpitude,corrupt practices and/or any criminal activity under law.A term ination notice of 15 days will be given to the incumbent, with an appeal period of 7 days.Appeal may be made in in writing to the Circle-in-charge.

2. WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 Eligibility

  1. Educational qualifications: Applicants should have passed at east Class 8th exam from a recognized school.
  2. Age Limit: Applicants should be between 18 years and 40 years of age as on 1st January of the year of application. Relaxation of five (5) years will be alowed in the upper age limt for SC / ST Applicants.
  3. Resident Status:Permanent address of applicants should be n the State of West Bengal. Application is to be made only o he Engagement Board for the district of residence as specified.
  4. Sex: No Bar.
  5. Physical Condition: Due to the nature of job in forest areas, persons with physical disabilities will be assessed by he espective Engagement Board as to their suitability to the nature of job.
  6. The following documents shall be accepted as proof of residence, age and educational qualification and as photo D:
  7. Proof of residence & photo ID: Aadhaar card / Voter ID card
  8. Proof of age & photo ID: Birth Certificate / Aadhaar card / PAN card.
  9. Educational qualification: Mark sheet of last exam passed.

3.WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 Selection Process

  1. All applications will be initially screened for ocation of residence for the respective Engagement Boards and the ones that are not summarily rejected shall be then screened for other qualifying criteria
  2. Post-screening, eligible applicants will be allied or an valuation – cum-interview by he concerned engagement Board with original documents.The Board will verify the original certificates of each

candidate-age certificate,residence proof,educational qualification and Photo ID.

c. The eligible candidates shall be subject o an evaluation-cum – interview and personality test.

The marking of the candidates will be done on the following criteria in WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification:

Subject / AspectMaximum Marks
Ability to read Bengali or any officially recognized language of the State as applicable in the District under the West Bengal official Language Act of 1961 as amended from time to time30
Ability to write Bengali or any officially recognized language of the State as applicable in the District under the West Bengal official Language Act of 1961 as amended from time to time30
Ability to read English or Hindi10
General Knowledge Oral Test20
Personality fitness for forestry works10
WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 Selection Process
  • All the three members of the Engagement Board shall award marks to to each candidate as per above criteria out of a total of 100 and the merit list shall be prepared by adding the marks given by each member and organizing the evaluated candidates in the descending order of marks obtained out of300. n case of candidates getting same marks, the age of candidates will be taken n consideration with the oldest being allotted a better rank. n case of the candidates with same age and marks, the candidates scoring higher in the General Knowledge Oral Test will rank higher.
  • A CEB–wise select list will be prepared containing names of candidates who score marks up to a cut-off to be finalized by the respective CEB.
  • Engagement shall be made against the numbers of posts in the Circle, on the basis of ranking in the selected list.
  • Persons unfit for forestry works will be rejected outright, giving due reason.
  • All Member Secretaries of the CEB will prepare the final Marking List and keep it in confidential custody till instructed to published the same under specific orders from the PCCF & HoFF West Bengal It will be the personal responsivity of the Member Secretary of the CEB to keep the results in confidence, so that the engagement process of other Boards is not vitiated due to lapse of any nature by anyone.

Application Form for Bana Sahayak


Click Here to download Bana Sahayak Application Form (from serial no 189)


What is Bana Sahayak salary 2023?

Bana Sahayak will get Remuneration of Rs.10000 (rupees ten thousand only) per month.

2023 WB Bana Sahayak recrutiment vacancy?

WB Bana Sahayak recrutiment vacancy 2000. This post category called “Bana Sahayaks”.

WB Bana Sahayak jobs is permanent or contractual basis?

Bana Sahayaks recruit on purely contractual basis.

How to download WB Bana Sahayak recruitment 2023 notification?

From this post or visit WB Forest department official site,namely www.westbengalforest.gov.in.


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