[JANUARY 2024]WB Employee DA Hike Calculator 2024,WB DA Rate Calculation 2024 from January 2024,very big news


WB Employee DA Hike Calculator 2024:- Today WB govt has announce 4% DA(dearness allowance) hike from JANUARY 2024. As we discuss earlier,we assume that WB Govt will hike DA by 4% rate.Now WB govt employee,pensioners,Teachers will get 10%(6%+4%) DA. WB Employee DA Hike Calculator are share above,to calculate your salary.

WB Employee DA Hike Calculator 2024{WB DA Rate Calculation 2024 from January 2024}

Here we share WB Employee DA Hike Calculator 2024.You can calculate your salary according to new DA{Dearness Allowance} rate. So we expect,this year also Govt of WB has announce some percentage of DA. As we all knows that still DA court case is pending in the kolkata high court (division bench) as well as in Supreme Court . Here we also provide a calculator to calculate your DA hike rate with your salary{current}.

State government employee organizations have expressed their anger over the announcement of 4 percent DA The government employees have criticized this DA of the state as begging Their anger, even if they get this three percent DA, the difference between state government employees and central government employees’ DA will stand at 36 percent.

While presenting the state budget on this day, Minister of State for Finance Chandrima Bhattacharya said that an additional three percent DA will be given to state government employees and retired employees from March 1. State government workers have been agitating for DA for a long time They are also running under Shahid Minar The hunger strike is going on The agitating government employees’ organization Govt. Prakash Oikya Manch had given the government till today to announce the DA.

WB Employee DA Hike Calculator(WB DA Rate Calculation) ঃ- উপরে দেওয়া ক্যালকুলেটরটিতে একটি নির্দিষ্ট DA এর ফর্মুলা দেওয়া আছে। আজকে রাজ্য সরকার বাজেটে DA এর যে হিসাব দিয়েছে সেই মোট করে বর্ধিত DA -এর হিসাবে। যদি আপনাদের মনে কোনও প্রশ্ন জাগে বা হিসাবে কোথায় কোনও ভুল ধরে পান তাহলে নীচের কমেন্ট বক্সে সেটা লিখুন।

WB Employee DA Hike Calculator 2024
WB Employee DA Hike Calculator 2024

Remember govt any hike more DA as employee are go thought strike . Also remember govt may hike DA according to their Financial Budget . If you find any updates regarding DA rate like official announcement or Notice, <<Click Here>> we will provide to you.


After this, the government workers got angry when the government announced only 4 percent DA . As per the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission, central government employees get dearness allowance of 46 percent of basic pay There the state government employees used to get three percent As a result, the difference was 36 percent After the announcement of 4 percent DA on this day, that difference reduced to 36 percent.

যদিও ডিএ ঘোষণা করা বা দেওয়া সেটা সম্পূর্ণ রাজ্য সরকারের সিধান্ত। যদিও এই বর্ধিত ডিএ ঘোষণা নিয়ে এখনও কোনও অফিশিয়াল নিউজ বা নোটিশ সামনে আসে নি ,যদি কোনও নোটিশ বা নিউজ আসে তাহলে সেটা এখানে{ক্লিক করুন} দিয়ে দেওয়া হবে।


WB Employee DA Hike Calculator ?

Here we try to prove a calculator, how much salary you can get after govt announce 4% more DA . This DA hike effect from 01/01/2024. You can easily calculate your salary with help of this calculator. As we know its very hard to expect or assume further DA hike in this year.

How to calculate DA Hike rate for west Bengal govt employee?

You just visit www.wbedu.in , and serach DA rate calculator in search bar. You will find a link to calculate your salary hike with respect of DA hike.

Current DA rate for WB govt Employee?

Till now , the time we write this post, The Govt employee of WB is getting 6% DA . From JANUARY 2024 ,4% more DA will they get .

WB DA Rate Calculation 2024 from January 2024?

From January 2024,the got employee will get 4% more DA.So total they will get 10% DA from 01/01/2024. You can easily calculate da hike rate from this WB Employee DA Hike Calculator 2024.

WB DA Court Case ?

The case for DA is still {15/02/2023} pending in honorable high court of kolkata as well in the honorable supreme court.If we get any updates about DA court case updates form Division bench we will create a post.



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