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WB madrasah holiday list 2022{wbbme holiday list 2022}. Today here we share a full details and PDF list of WB madrasah holiday . From here you able to download wbbme holiday list 2022 full list on PDF format. If you wnat to download WBBSE{West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education} 2022 holiday in a single Page,then you just click here.

A notice has been published by WBBME{West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education} regarding 2022 full holiday list.Where they said-

“In exercise of the power conferred by clause (e) of sub-section (2) of section 20 and as per decision of the meeting of the Board held on 17.11.201 7 and as directed, the heads of all recognized Madrasahs are being requested to follow the List of holidays — 2022 as per specimen list of holidays attached herewith. It is to be noted that the maximum number s of holidays to be observed for this academic session will be limited to 65 days. This order shall have to be strictly followed. In case, any festival is affected due to lunar cause, the holidays on account of the said festival would be so adjusted”

WB madrasah holiday list 2022{wbbme holiday list 2022}

List of Holidays to be observed in the recognized Madrasahs of the State in the year-2022

DateDayPurpose of HolidayNo. of Holiday(s)Remarks New Year’s Day01 DayHoliday of  Swami Vivekananda01 DayHoliday
3.23.0 1.2022SundayBirthday of Netaji*xHoliday. To be Observed Day*01 DayHoliday. To be Observed
Friday-SaturdaySaraswati Puja( Sree Panchaini)02 DaysHoliday Thakur   Panchanan Berma01 DayHoliday,
01 DayHoliday 19.03.2022Friday-SaturdayShab-E-Barat    Dolljatra {Day after Doljatra(Holi)}02 DaysHoliday of 1st RamjanXHoliday of Shri Shri Haricliand ThakurXHoliday Jayanti. Birlhday of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar01 DayHoliday  Friday,
Bengali  New Year’s Day(Nababarsh)
01 DayHoliday
Monday-SaturdayRamjau,Juma-Tul-Vida, Laylat- ul -Qadr12 DaysHoliday
Sunday- WednesdayMay Day, Eid-ul-Fitr,03 DaysI4oliday of Rabindranath Tagore*01 DayHoliday, To be Observed Purnima, Birthday of Pandit Raghunath Murmu01  DayHoliday 25.05.2022Monday-WednesdaySummer Vacation03 DaysHoliday of Kazi Nazrul Islam*, Summer Vacation continued01 DayHoliday. To be Observed 05.06.2022Friday -SundaySummer Vacation08 DayHoliday DayHoliday
Sunday-TuesdayEid-ul-Azha02 DaysHoliday of Poet Bhanu Bhakt(for Darjeeling & Kalimpong Districts only)01 Day*Holiday New YearX1-holiday dayHoliday Day*0 I DayHoliday, To be Observed DayHoliday’ Day*XTo be Observed Chahar Shumba01 Day Holiday  holiday        to 10.10.22Friday —MondayDurga  Puja, VijayaDasami,Laxmi Puja, Birthday of  Mahatma Gandhi, Fateha Dwaz Daham*08 DaysHoliday
Monday to ThursdayKali Puja, Bhatridwitya04 DaysHoliday
32.30. 10.2022-
Sunday-MondayChhat Puja 01 Day        Holiday
 07.11.2022MondayFateha Yaz Daham01 DayHoliday
3fi.08.1 1.2022ThursdayBirth day of Guru Nanak01 DayHoliday of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad*XTo be Observed of Birsa Munda01 DayHoliday of Begum Rokeya Shakhawat Hossain* X To be Observed Day Holiday
WB madrasah holiday list 2022

WB madrasah holiday list 2022 in image format



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