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WB Primary school holiday list 2023– Here we share 2023 WB Primary School holiday list.You can download this West Bengal Primary school holiday list 2023 from below article. Latest updates are out today about West Bengal Primary School employee holidays list for 2023 Educational Year .West Bengal Board Of Primary Education {WBBPE} has published latest notification regarding 2023 WB Primary School holiday list.

WB Primary school holiday list 2023(West Bengal Primary school holiday list 2023)

Serial No Occasion of HolidayDateDay No of holidaysRemarks
1. New Year’s Day 01/01/2023 Sunday
2.Swami Vivekananda 12/01/2023 Thursday 1Holiday
3. Makar Sankranti (Pous Parban) 15/01/2023 Sunday—-—-
4. Netaji janmajayanti 23/01/2023 Monday 1Holiday -(To be observed in School)
5.Saraswati Puja (Shree & Panchami) 25/01/2023 & 26/01/2023Wednesday & Thursday 2Holiday
6. ** Republic Day 26/01/2023Thursday—-(Hosting of National Flag in School)
7.Thakur Panchanan Barma janmajayanti 14/02/2023 Tuesday 1Holiday
8.Shivaratri 18/02/2023 Saturday 1Holiday
9.International Mother Language Day 21/02/2023 Tuesday To be celebrated compulsory in School Holidays
10.Doljatra & Holi 07/03/2023 & 08/03/2023Tuesday & Wednesday 2Holiday
11.* Shab e-Barat 08/03/2023Wednesday
12.Shri Harichand Thakur janmajayanti19/03/2023Sunday
13. Mahavir Jayanti 04/04/2023 Tuesday1
14. Good Friday 07/04/2023 Friday 1 Holiday
15.Dr. B. R. Ambedkar janmajayanti14/04/2023Friday 1 Holiday
16.Poila Baisakh (BanglaNoboborsho 1430) 15/04/2023 Saturday 1Holiday
Total Holidays 12 days
17.Eid al-Fitr 21/04/2023 & 22/04/2023 Friday & Saturday 2 Holiday
18.May Day 01/05/2023 Monday 1 Holiday
19.Buddha Purnima & Pandit Raghunath Murmu janmajayanti05/05/2023 Friday 1 Holiday
20.Rabindra Nath Tagore janmajayanti 09/05/2023 Tuesday 1Holiday(To be celebrated by Schools)
21.Summer Vacation 15-05-2023-06/06/2023Monday to Monday19Holidays (Excluding Sunday)
22.Kazi Nazrul Islam janmajayanti 26/05/2023Friday Including summer vacation
23.Ratha Yatra 20/06/2023Tuesday 1Holiday
24.Eid-al-Adha (Bakrid)29/06/2023Thursday 1Holiday
25.Muharram 29/07/2023 Saturday1Holiday
26.Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy janmajayanti 02/08/2023 Wednesday To be celebrated by School
Total Holidays 27 Days
West Bengal Primary school holiday list 2023

West Bengal Board of Primary Education Holiday list 2023

Serial No Occasion of HolidayDateDay No of holidaysRemarks
27.Martyr’s Day (Sacrifice day of Khudiram Bose)11/08/2023 Friday 1Holiday (To be celebrated by School)
28.** Independence Day 15/08/2023 Tuesday1Holiday (National Flag to be hoisted in School)
29.Rakhi Purnima 30/08/2023Wednesday1Holiday
30Teachers’ Day05/09/2023 Tuesday 1To be celebrated by School
31.Janmastami06/09/2023 Wednesday1Holiday
32.Biswakarma Puja17/09/2023Sunday —-—-
33.Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar janmajayanti 26/09/2023 Tuesday To be celebrated by School
34.* Fateha-E-Dwaz-Daham 28/09/2023 Thursday1Holiday
35.Gandhi janmajayanti 02/10/2023 Monday1Holidays
36.Mahalaya 14/10/2023 Saturday1Holiday
37.Puja Vacation (from Durga Puja – Lakshmi Puja)19/10/2023 to 29/10/2023 Thursday to Sunday 9 Holiday(excluding Sunday)
38.Puja Vacation (from Kali Puja to Bhatridwitiya) 12/11/2023-16/11/2023 Sunday to Thursday 4Holiday
39. Children’s Day 14/11/2023 Tuesday1Included within Kali Puja
40.Birsa Munda janmajayanti 15/11/2023 Wednesday1 Included within Kali Puja
41.Chhat Puja 19/11/2023-20/11/2023 Sunday & Monday1 Holiday
42.Jagadhatri Puja 22/11/2023 Wednesday1Holiday
43.Guru Nanak janmajayanti 27/11/2023 Monday1Holiday
44.* Fateha-Yaz-Daham To be announced later—-1Holiday
45.Christmas Day 25/12/2023 Monday1Holiday
46.Foundation day of School————–1 Holiday
Total Holidays 26 Days
West Bengal Primary school holiday list 2023

Total 12 +27 +26= 65 Holidays –

* Holiday must be declared on the occasion of festival

** – It is mandatory to hoist National Flag at the School in accordance with the dignity and honor of the National Flag.


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