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Aadhar link with Voter cardECI{Election Commission Of India} has recently published a notification regarding Collection of Aadhaar data from the electors on voluntary basis for linking and authentication of electoral rolls data{Aadhar link with Voter card}. Here we guide step by step how to link your Voter card Aadhar card link online and offline mode.In the said notification,The Chief Elecation officer Said that-“26B. Special provision for providing Aadhaar number by existing electors. — Every person whose name is listed in the roll may intimate his Aadhaar number to the registration officer in Form 6B in accordance with sub-section (5) of section 23 of the Act. “.

Main Objective of this Programme is or the purpose of collection of Aadhaar from existing electors is to establish the identity of electors and authentication of entries in electoral roll and to identify registration of name of the same person in more than one constituency or more than once in the same constituency. The objective of the programme is aligned with the legal provisions. It is made clear that submission of Aadhaar number is voluntary on the part of electors.

Aadhar link with Voter card

Voter card Aadhar card link online West Bengal or other sate is similar. You can chose either online mode or offline mode to linking your Voter card with Aadhar card in 2022. For online submission, a facility shall be given on elector-facing portals/Apps like NVSP, VHA etc as applicable. There may be following two methods of online submission-

Online mode for linking your Voter card with Aadhar card

  • With Self-authentication: Elector may fill Form 6B online on elector-facing portal/Apps and authenticate Aadhaar using OTP to be received on his mobile number registered with UIDAI. However, there are possibilities of failed authentication due to minor differences in demographic details.
  • Without Self-authentication:  In case elector does not want to self-authenticate or self-authentication fails as above, the elector can submit Form 6B with necessary attachments online without authentication.
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Offline mode for linking your Voter card with Aadhar card

The EROs shall deploy BLOs for House-to-House visit for collection of Aadhaar number voluntarily from electors in the hard copy of Form 6B. All offline submission of Form 6B shall be digitized by BLOs using GARUDA or by ERO using ERONET, as the case may be, within 7 days of the receipt of the Forms.

Special Camps at cluster level can be arranged on the dates coinciding with special campaign dates during special summary revision, where the electors can be persuaded to give their Aadhaar number voluntarily in Form 6B in hard copy. The EROs / AEROs will also collect the aforesaid details through Voter Facilitation Centres, e-Seva centres and Citizen Service Centres authorised by the DEOs during the campaign period.

Voter card Aadhar card link online West Bengal{file image}

To download OLD Voter List 1952 to 1972Click Here

Remember that this Furnishing of Aadhaar number is purely voluntary basic.The EROs will make it clear to the electors that the purpose of obtaining of Aadhaar number is for authentication of his entries in electoral roll and extending better electoral services to them in future.

In case, elector does not have the Aadhaar number and thereby is not able to furnis hhis/her Aadhaar Number, he/she will be asked to submit a copy of any of the eleven alternative documents, mentioned in Form 6B.The ERO shall not delete any entry in the electoral roll on the ground of inability on the part of any existing elector to furnish/intimate Aadhaar number.

Sl.No.EventsPeriod/ Timeline
1TrainingTraining on concept, legal provisions and IT processes shall be completed in July 2022
2Awareness buildingThroughout the period from 01.08.2022 to 31.12.2022
3Organization of camps at appropriate places1st camp — 04.09.2022 (Sunday)and then subsequent camps on any Sunday of the month as fixed by the CEO
4Home-to-Home contactAs designed by DEOs
Aadhar link with Voter card

Aadhar link with Voter card {Voter card Aadhar card link online West Bengal}-The programme should be completed by fixing and achieving the tentative targets to contact 100% electors registered in the electoral data base for collecting Aadhaar numbers in Form 6B, by 31st March 2023. It is emphasized that submission of Aadhaar by electors is voluntary.


Is this mandatory for link aadhar card with voter card?

Voluntary basic this programme is started by ECI.

How to link Aadhar link with Voter card online?

A perosn can link his/her voter card with aadhar card with the help of these apps or website ,NVSP, VHA etc.

How this online Aadhar linking process with Voter card,is happen?

By With Self-authentication/Aadhaa authenticate this process will done.

Which form will be submitted for online Aadhar link with Voter card?

Form 6B is required for this Aadhar link with Voter card.

The date for programme is?

The programme should be completed for collecting Aadhaar numbers in Form 6B, by 31st March 2023.



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