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West Bengal new lockdown guidelines:- Yesterday Govt of West Bengal has announce a new lockdown guidelines for West Bengal People.Some new things are introduce in this Partial lockdown guidelines.From banking hour to shop hour all are modified in this new lockdown guidelines.All detils updates and guidelines are provide PDF in this article.You are able to read and download West Bengal new lockdown guidelines in 2021.

West Bengal new lockdown guidelines

West Bengal new lockdown guidelines

In continuation, consolidation, partial modification and expansion of the guidelines issued earlier (No.715-home(Cons)/RIM(Cons)-92/2021 dated 17-04-21, {No.618 ISS/2M-22/2020 dated 30-04-21 and 622-ISS/2M-22/2020 dated 01-05-21), the following integrated regime of restrictions/prohibitions is hereby ordered in the State of West Bengal as Disaster Management measure against the current COVID pandemic:

1) State Government and para-statal offices will be having 50% attendance and
roster duties.

2) In case of private offices, work from home will be encouraged and expected, and in no case shall physical attendance be more than 50% of the total strength in each shift.

3) Operations in industries, factories, mills, manufacturing units and tea gardens will
be restricted to 50% of the total strength in each shift.

4) Bank business hours will be restricted, and they will be open from 10 am to 2 pm;
all bank branches will remain closed on all Saturdays.

5) All shopping complexes, malls, beauty parlous, cinema halls, restaurants and bars, sports complexes, gyms, spas and swimming pools will remain closed.

6) All public gatherings, including social/political/academic/entertainment related gatherings, shall be prohibited. For cultural and religious programmes, assemb1y/
gathering of up to 50 persons only with physical distancing and COVID-consistent behavior may be permitted with prior permission of local authorities/with notification to administration.

In familial gatherings like marriage, not more than 50 persons will be allowed at a time in any programme-place. In funeral, not more than 20 persons will be allowed.

7) Bazaars/hats, including stand-alone shops, will be allowed to open only during 7 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 7 pm.
a) Jewellery shops will be allowed to remain open only during 12 noon to 3 pm from Monday to Friday;
b) Medical shops,Grocery shops , Milk supply booths and sweetmeat shop and all centers services relating to health, fire service electricity telecom and municipal service will remain out of this purview of this restriction .

c) online services and home delivery services will be allowed and encourage .

8) No flight passenger will be allowed to enter West Bengal (Kolkata/Bagdogra/Andal airports) With effect from 7t” May 2021 midnight from anywhere outside the State without RT-PCR negative test report of last 72 hours before boarding: in case any passenger is found to have landed in West Bengal report without such test report, (s)he will be quarantined for 14 days at their own cost.

9) Incoming passengers by long distance trains and inter-State buses will also mandatory carry RT-PCR negative test reports. No West Bengal-bound passenger is expected to board a train/bus with destination in West Bengal without such a test report. Random checking will be arranged in this regard, for, inter alia, checking the authenticity Of the test reports also.

10) Movements of all local suburban trains will be suspended for 14 days now.
11) Road transport and Metro Railway services will be run with 500 o capacity.
12) Further it is advised that:

West Bengal new lockdown guidelines


• Wearing of masks, maintenance of physical distancing and COVID related health
and hygiene protocols must be followed at all times.
• Sensitization of offices, work places, bazaars, industrial units, commercial
establishments must be carried out at regular intervals.
• All school buildings, jute mills, and other premises which have been occupied by the CAPF and other forces, and used during the election period, should be thoroughly sanitized.
• Work from home and staggering of working hours must be encouraged by all establishments.

13) The situation will be dynamically reviewed and required changes will be made in
the restriction measures accordingly.
14) Any violation of these orders will be liable to be proceeded against as per provisions of the DM Act, 2005 and, besides, legal actions under IPC and other laws of the land will be applicable.

This order will take immediate effect.

Notice Source>> wb.gov.in

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West Bengal new lockdown guidelines



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