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Grihalaxmi card apply online{Griha laxmi prakalpa}Similar to #LaxmirBhandar, it’ll provide monthly guaranteed income support with a direct transfer of ₹5000/month (Rs 60,000 yearly) to every women in every household.Trinamool announces ‘Grihalakshmi’ project if Goa wins Rs 5,000 per month for every housewife.

Goa TMC launched a new scheme called “Griha Laxmi“, to provide an assured monthly income support to every household. Under this scheme, a direct transfer of ₹5,000 per month (₹60,000 yearly) will be made to a woman of every household as guaranteed income support.

What is Griha laxmi prakalpa ?

It a new scheme launched by TMC name “Griha Laxmi“.This Scheme is more over same to Similar to Laxmir Bhandar Scheme.But main difference between the Laxmir Bhandar Scheme and Griha Laxmi Scheme is money distribution.

After Lakshmi’s store, this time Grihalakshmi card. But not in West Bengal, but in Goa. Goa Trinamool has announced that if she wins the state assembly elections next year, she will pay Rs 5,000 per month to the oldest woman in the family. Incidentally, in the Lakshmi Bhandar project launched in Bengal, housewives of each family were given Rs.500 per month.

Grihalaxmi card apply online

  • Step 1: Enter Mobile Number to begin registration
  • Step 2: Enter OTP to confirm your mobile number
  • Step 3: Fill the required details
  • Step 4: Get your Griha Laxmi Card

Step by Step Guidelines about online for Grihalaxmi Sceme

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4
  • Step 5

What is official website for Grihalaxmi card apply online application?

To know the offiiciala website for Grihalaxmi card apply online application you must be click here.From where you able to apply for Griha laxmi card online.

তৃণমূলনেত্রী মমতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায় টুইটারে গোয়ার মহিলাদের জন্য আর্থিক সহায়তা প্রকল্পের কথা জানিয়ে টুইটারে লিখেছেন, ‘গৃহলক্ষ্মী প্রকল্পের ঘোষণা করতে পেরে আমি খুশি। গোয়ার প্রতিটি পরিবারের মহিলাদের আর্থিক ক্ষমতায়নে আমরা প্রতিশ্রুতিবদ্ধ।’

How to online register about Griha Laxmi Card ?


What is the Griha Laxmi Scheme?

Griha Laxmi is a guaranteed income support scheme that will provide an assured monthly income support of ₹5000 (₹60,000 yearly) to a woman of every household.

Explain the benefits of the Griha Laxmi scheme?

1: Under the Griha Laxmi scheme every household will be provided with an unconditional income support of ₹5000 (₹60,000 yearly).
2: The amount will be directly transferred to a woman of the household.
3: This scheme is universal and does not discriminate against anyone.

Do the women who have been registered need to have a bank account to avail this benefit?

If you do not have a bank account, you can still receive the benefit. Once Goa TMC forms the government, a government official will guide you through the process to receive funds, based on the details we collect now.

Will I receive the amount in cash?

No, it will be an unconditional direct transfer.

Why are all the women members in a household not allowed to register for the benefit?

Griha Laxmi is a scheme aimed at the prosperity of the household. Keeping in view the pivotal role played by a woman in the prosperity of ahousehold, the direct transfer will be made to the account of a woman of each household.



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